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In this section, I will give my list of Blazer historical firsts, lasts, links,hits and goofs.

Interesting Facts About
the Portland Trail Blazers

These are some facts and little known Stuff about the Portland Trailblazers.

Did you know...

Portland currently has the 2nd longest streak of Playoffs
made in professional Sports? They have made the playoffs
the last 18 years in a row. In fact, the team that has more
Portland's sellout streak of 809 straight sellouts in the
Memorial Coliseum (12,888 capacity) is a NBA record, and
may be the longest Streak of sellouts in organized sports
history. The Streak lasted from the 1976 Season to the
1995 season when the Rose Garden Opened.

1318-1110 was Portland's all-time record finishing the 99-00 season. That averages out to almost a 47 win season every year! Cool!

Portland has 8 Uniforms retired. (#1) Larry Weinberg
(former owner of the team) (#12) Dave Twardzick, (#15)
Larry Steele, (#20) Maurice Lucas, (#32) Bill Walton, (#36) Lloyd Neal, (#45) Geoff Petrie and finally (#77) Jack
Ramsey ( Coach of the 77 title team)

The Original logo For the Blazers was changed in 1990 to the one they use today, which is the 45 degree angled Blazer Symbol, and the Word Blazers was added to it rescently.
during the teams 20th anniversary to the one used today.

The Name "TrailBlazers" Was selected out of over 10,000
entries in a fan "Name the Team" contest in Portland.

Portland has not had a Pick (due to missing the playoffs)
in the NBA lottery since the modern system went into
effect in 1985. They are one of 2 clubs not to have one.
The other is the Utah Jazz, holder of the NBA's 2nd
ongest unbroken playoffs made streak....

Draft HITS andboo-boo's

Portland Selectd some GOOD players late, and in the 2nd round, these inculde, Cliff Robinson ( 2nd Round) Drazen Petrovitch(R.I.P) Arvydas Sabonis, and Terry Porter?

Did you know, that not selecting Michael Jordan
with the 3rd pick in the NBA draft is not the only
major mistake the blazers have done in team

In 1976, they drafted a player by the Name of Moses
Malone 5th , but traded him to buffalo for a 1978
1st Rd pick but??gets worse?? 1978 the Trail Blazers selected Mychael Thompson with the #1 Pick, the 6th pick by a team in Boston was some guy named Bird. Major Oops.

In possibly in the worst pick ever, Portland used
the 1st pick of the 1972 draft to pick a player by
the name of LaRue Martin. The #2 pick? Hall of Fame
Center Bob McAdoo. Oops The #12 pick that year by the Milwaukee bucks was some guy by the name of Julius Erving. I wonder if he ever did anything in the NBA??

Wake me when it's over??t;br>
When Portland came into the NBA in 1970 there were 19
rounds in the NBA draft, and 239 total players were

Portland has conections to Several of the top 50 of all time, many you know, such as Clyde Drexler, Scottie Pippen, Bill Walton. Some you may not, such as portland Drafted Moses malone, as I stated above, and Lenny Wilkins, was the
coach for 2 seasons back in the early 1970s.

The Portland TrailBlazers have made it to the Western Confrence Finals or further 6 times, 5 of them, in the 90s.
1977,1989,1990,1991,1992,1998,1999 and they won the title, in the 1977 season.